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More Wood Pet Urns Added for the Pet Owner

by abbylane on 6/28/2009 at 5:57 PM in First Post

Heaven Pet Urns has added two new wooden pet memorial urns as the Belmont Series Wood urn available in three wood finishes as oak, natural and mahogany. These unique wood pet urns come in four sizes so every pet owner will be sure to chose the right size memorial wood pet urn. A wood urn that can be customized as a dog urn, cat urn, small animal urn to large animal urn simply because of the sizes to choose from.

Another type of wood urn added the combination Belmont Wood Urn with the dog and boy sculpture on top of this beautiful urn. This makes a perfect dog memorial urn and a loving tribute to that loved dog.

Both internment pet urns for pets ashes are a welcome addtion to Heaven Pet Urns for the pet owner.
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Beautiful Wood Photo Pet Urns -Dog /Cat Urns?

by abbylane on 3/31/2009 at 5:09 PM in First Post

Beautiful wood photo pet urns on a budget. The wood and the photo stand out with your pets personality.

Photo Wood pet urns series SP in 5 beautiful woods of cherry, oak, dark oak, maple and walnut. These beautiful wood pet urns are perfect as a dog urn, cat urn, rabbit, ferret or any family pet urn. The photo of your pet stands out in these wood finishes so your pet's true personality is honoured. Pet cremation urns in as a simple photo wood pet urn and the beauty is the being simple where your pet's personality can show through in the photos.

The beauty of the wood stands out and will be suitable for any room decor. Simple, elegant, with true tribute to your pet being shown in the photos that are displayed in this pet urn.

These wood photo pet urns make a beautiful gift to anyone who has lost a pet, They are a nice setiment gift as a birthday gift, anniversary gift or simply to say you care about someone that lost their pet. A pet urn that is affordable, attractive and simply your pet.

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