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well baby prince anas has had a name change

by zacskittie on 7/6/2009 at 9:08 PM in First Post

my husband and I decieded to name him Zacheria Short. and he actually answers to this name better. he's so adorable and his is the pic that i promised of our baby puppy.
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My Baby Prince Anas

by zacskittie on 6/24/2009 at 11:12 AM in First Post

Hows everyone doing today. I would really love to see some pictures of Chimation's on the internet. I will be putting some of mine on the internet as soon as I get them developed. I would love to mate him with another Chimation that is in Los Angeles or near by cities. I know there is not that many yet. But they are so cute! The only problem I really have with him is loves to tear up paper and make huge mess everywhere. Other than that he really loves to play, and has a pretty good temper.
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