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Lily and Blue

by akzo1001 on 10/29/2011 at 11:21 PM in First Post

My wife brought home 2 beagle-bull mixes this summer a few months after our Lab-chow mix died.  We had Josie for 15 years and she was a great family dog.  We gave her to the kids for Christmas in 95 or 96 and kept her in the back yard at our Georgia home.  We moved to Minnesota in 99 and Josie seemed to thrive in the colder weather.  We made it back to GA in 2003 and moved into a home with a huge fenced in back yard.  It was a wonderful place for Josie to live out her last years.  We had got other dogs thru the years to give Josie some companionship but it never really worked out.  She passed in May this year and it was very hard on all of us.
In late July the new puppies came into our lives and wow, they are the neatest dogs.  They are the friendliest dogs you can imagine.  I am going to figure out how to get thier pictures posted so you can see them but they just wont sit still long enough for the pose.  They got out of the fence last weekend and we didnt realize until about lunch on Sunday.  We totally freaked out.  Fortunatley they came barreling thru the front door that afternoon.  I was really surprised how much it hurt if we had lost them.
Lily looks more like a Pit and Blue is more of a beagle.  They are both crashed out on the sofa tonight and they hang out with us inside every evening.
We are doing our best to not feed them from the table and it seems to be a good thing.  They still hang at our feet when we eat but we are sticking to Puppy chow.  Occasionally they get into the cat food if we dont put it up in time.
They are learning to get along with the cats.  Its funny, the cats now want our attention as we spend alot of time playing with the new dogs.
Anyway, this is the first post.  We'll see how long this lasts.

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Going to visit Stella

by Mattmlong on 10/15/2011 at 8:54 AM in First Post

My wife and I are going to meet Stella at 10 this morning. I know that I may jinx us by setting up a blog before they even say we can have her, but I got a feeling. We thought we would be fine without Candy, but there was a big hole in our hearts. We are just Dog people. The Beagles behind us are just getting rousted up. Michelle and Robs Airedales have been out to say good morning already. I think all the dogs are getting up. I going to go rub some heads.
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