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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Thank you Designer Mixes & LENNY!

by thomas on 9/13/2011 at 7:00 PM in First Post

   This time last year we have all registered 1 year old female choc lab   murphy,  10year old black lab Mac  an 12 year old  Miss Chockie who was passing we have a large farm but most of the time they like to come in when they are not swimming. but God works in a mysterious way!  This DOG about 3-4 months starving scared  who we thought was a choc lab finally came in we took him to the vet and I was told he was an English LAB  -
well Bentley sat on the porch the next day and barked to come back in. He is very smart scared of men  but loves to swim, play ball protective over my niece and our family but I notice he doesnt eat like a lab.He is best freinds with the female and loves to snuggle.

 Several family members said he looks like a pitbull!  NO! not my dog!  I was always taught pitbulls were aggressive or mean. But today I just found out if Bentley had a twin Lenny would be his!  he is  i LABRABULL and I love him just the same. He is a Great DOG I still wonder how he ended up way out in the country as a little pup, but like I said God has a plan!

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how i got my baby

by sammie1129 on 7/11/2011 at 2:03 PM in First Post

i bought sage when she was 9 weeks old. i decided i wanted another dog after my west highland white terrier got put down for a brain tumor st the age of 16years old. and i decided i wanted a German shepherd or a Labrador Retriever. And when i was on vacation down in D.C. with my fiance and i agreed to buy a dog down there. We looked in the paper and found labrashepherds in the paper for $200. So we went down to Virginia and looked at the puppies and found her. Her littermates were jumping up on us and biting our shoes and she was only sitting on the ground wagging her tail looking at us. So we looked at her parents, her mother was an AKC registered German Shepherd dog and her father was an AKC registered Black Labrador Retriever. They were good parents very intelligent and sweet. So we knew she would be just as well behaved.  And since i was going to vet school at the time the owners were very happy to see they could trust me to adopt her.  So we brought her home that day.  

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