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Meeting Webster

by bayangell on 5/22/2009 at 8:56 AM in New Puppy

Webster was a gift from God, that's how I feel because I could have never afforded to buy him. He was given to me from a Breeder that is also a nurse for a friend of mine and I was told of the puppies..I was so happy and excited to know that I was getting him. My partner and I already have a wonderful dog, named Gypsy (5 yrs old) and wanted so badly to get a brother for her. Webster has completed our family since we can not have children..

Gypsy and Webster have had to get to know each other and they have done well. Webster loves to play follow the leader, so we have had to give Gypsy some alone time by putting him (Webby) in the puppy crate and he does well, he plays with his toys and when he gets tired he lays his head on his pillow, which is so cute. When we take him outside to potty and to excersise him, he is very active and loves to play with the other dogs in the apt. building..He is the most energized puppy I have ever seen.. and seems to almost always to be happy...Almost as happy as we are to have him.
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