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Labradoodle soon to be mine

by Honey123 on 11/28/2010 at 10:32 AM in New Puppy

i asked my mother for a puppy she said she'd think about so i've got her right were i want her. I told her the price and breed ( its a Labradoodle ) and i've also did reseach, but before my mother is convinced i have stay to my word that i will clean up after and train it properly as a pup. But my mom and I have busy schedules and it not looking ford to getting a pet sitter ( she doesn't trust the idea) so i told lets think about this in the summer and plan our busy schedule then and while we are plaing we fit time in getting a dog in our schedule. She approved of the idea. So now i just have to show her that i am really ready to take care of a living thing. My Labradoodle puppy ( soon to be mine) is going to be name Honey

Your friend,
the Convincer
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