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Labradoodle soon to be mine

by Honey123 on 11/28/2010 at 10:32 AM in New Puppy

i asked my mother for a puppy she said she'd think about so i've got her right were i want her. I told her the price and breed ( its a Labradoodle ) and i've also did reseach, but before my mother is convinced i have stay to my word that i will clean up after and train it properly as a pup. But my mom and I have busy schedules and it not looking ford to getting a pet sitter ( she doesn't trust the idea) so i told lets think about this in the summer and plan our busy schedule then and while we are plaing we fit time in getting a dog in our schedule. She approved of the idea. So now i just have to show her that i am really ready to take care of a living thing. My Labradoodle puppy ( soon to be mine) is going to be name Honey

Your friend,
the Convincer
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My new additions

by hilogirl73 on 10/23/2010 at 1:38 AM in New Puppy

Today is the second day that I have had Nahla and Sumaira home... I forgot what it was like to have puppies in the house! Not to mention, I have to split my time also with four children, of which the youngest is seven months! .. Glad to have lots of help from my hubby and my older 3.... phewwww... tiring ... but no complaints here!
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