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5 1/2 months

by elvisandmojo on 5/20/2009 at 2:59 PM in Progress

I got them on the scale with me today. Elvis weighing in at 54.5 lbs. and Mojo a trim 50 lbs. Bob had made a comment this morning as Mojo wasn't at the food dish the way Elvis was and told him that he better eat up or his brother was going to get bigger than him. The way they run and terrorize each other you would think that they would weigh about 30#'s each but as they say... muscle weighs more than fat. Nothing fat about these guys. Lean and mean.

They go to a lot of baseball and softball these days. Usually every night during the week. The kids are really keeping us all busy. Somedays they are very content to hang out and other days they fight on their leashes and I just have to walk them around for what seems to be hours! Not that I mind. I just would like to watch the ballgame now and again.

They are starting to listen a little better outside. We haven't had the trainer back for the last session yet and I'm not sure that we are ready yet to schedule that. We continue to work with them and still are planning the invisible fence installation. One of these days I better get on the phone for some pricing though. The horses are going to be out in the pasture closest to the property line and I don't want any issues with them running in the pasture. They already try to sneak in there now and again.

I'm hoping to get them into a pond this weekend to see if they will be swimmers. I walked them by a stream the other day and I thought that they were going to have little heart attacks. They'd get only so close and then be tearing over each other to get away from the water. I might ask my friends to bring their lab with us so that he can show them the ropes!
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5 months already???

by elvisandmojo on 4/30/2009 at 12:15 PM in Progress

Time is flying with the dogs. They are starting to calm down but only a little. Pups... what are you going to do.

It's almost time to invest in new collars for the guys. The smaller ones are getting down to the last adjustment. I am considering choke collars for them as back ups. I am also considering muzzles for when we take them to ballgames with us. The kids love them but still don't know to be a little cautious with their nibbling. I really don't want any angry parents or scared children.

Inside training is still going well with the number of accidents moving toward minimal. Outside training is tough. Too many distractions. I will be glad to get invisible fence installed in a couple months and get them trained for that which will allow them more freedom to run about.

If we are out working in the yard (which is alot of the time) I use those stakes to secure them. I do have to space them out to allow them to get close but try to have them far enough so that they do not become a mass of tangles in the leads. So they are learning to dig holes. I think the one hole will lead to China eventually. They are having fun with it and then the kids fill the hole with water and have mud ball war. If they are all staying busy who am I to complain? Just means more baths! I can deal with that.
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