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Week 12

by elvisandmojo on 3/2/2009 at 12:45 PM in Progress

The boys are weighing in at 25# for Mojo and 24# for Elvis. Their heads and paws are really starting to look large. They have been doing well with their commands and loving the new treats I've gotten them. The vet is still impressed with them and Bob has no problems walking them in on their leashes.

We gave them each a bath last night. They smell wonderful of grapes and cranberry. They give you those crazy cocked head looks when you tell them how handsome they are. Almost looks like they are thinking "what the heck are you talking about Mama?"

The warm up last week was nice for them to get out and run around. This weekend and today is just frigid. Of couse they want to run to the safety of the garage to do their business in more comfortable temperatures. And I spent hours on Saturday scrubbing poop stains with brillo pads....

I'm sure they are whining away in their cage today given the weekend screws up their routine. I am staying busy repairing toys for them as those sharp little baby teeth go through them like they are a hot knife in butter. Now we like to gut the toys as well so I'm constantly picking bits of stuffing up to reinsert into something or other.
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Week 11

by elvisandmojo on 2/24/2009 at 10:29 AM in Progress

The guys are really getting big. They have another trip to the vet on Friday (12 week birthday) so I can only imagine them pushing about 20#'s. I can't pick them both up at the same time very easily anymore.

Unfortunately the guys seem to be hitting puppy puberty! Humping stage! This we are trying to stop immediately. Their little dinkers are even coming out.

Potty training is still a roller coaster ride. I'm hoping it gets better with the weather breaking. No sign of that anytime soon but they still love playing in the snow. Yesterday they hit a patch of ice in the yard and were skidding around like Thumper on the Bambi movie. That was funny to watch.

I'm hoping on Thursday to take them to a pet store (no, not to leave them there) to pick out some new toys. They have a bunch of them but seem to be getting bored of some, shredding others, and it would be good to get them out and be social as well as see how they behave in that situation.
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