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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Cothers Says..Getting Noo..Nue..Neu...Fixed Sucks

by dezmcbeth on 1/30/2009 at 2:39 PM in Progress

Mom says I have to wear this lampshade for another week!

ARG! I look stooooopid! but, I kept messing with my owwie until I got a bigger owwie and now I look like a cheap drunk at a kegger party.

I'm growing well though! About 120 lbs now, and 20 to go. Sis-dog and I are still great pals, but she doesn't like my lampshade either, we can't play together much right now.

Let's see, I learned how to walk on a leash and fetch and how to carry my water bucket around and how to keep kids sitting on the couch (they can't get up if you sit on them!) and Mom and Dad love me.

When Mom takes me to school to pick up my boy, everyone is amazed that I'm so big, but Mom just tells them my size compensates for my brain...whatever that means....

Snow is tons of fun! I love playing with Panzie Sis-Dog and getting all white. She likes it too! Maybe she's part Berner...

Anyhow, Mom said she'd take me for a walk, so I gotta go!

Thanks for readin'!

Smothers Brothers Crothers Puppy...

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by lillipuchiens on 1/28/2009 at 2:58 PM in Progress

Barbie is a Morkie from Brigitte and Bijou. She's born on january 7 2009 and she arrived more than 1 hour after the first puppy. I was afraid that something bad appened to her and I had to help Brigitte. Finaly, we found that Barbie had a smaller paw without hair and dewclaw. The position of the feotus was enough bad to stop the growing of this paw. I immediatly put her on a "massage" treatment. Every day she receive a 10 minutes massage and after 3 weeks, she looks better than what we expect. Barbie have her own page on our website and we invite you to follow the evolution of its paw.

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