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17 weeks

by elvisandmojo on 4/3/2009 at 3:09 PM in Progress

I travelled to Malaysia for a week and came back to find these dogs have turned into all legs! They got really tall. Additionally, they are now in the mid 30's for weight from their last vet visit. Both are doing much better for the vets and behaving like they should.

Behaving at home is another story. Given my trip we had to reschedule the puppy trainer but she will be out to our house this weekend. Weather wise it looks like we will be inside again. Darn. They need serious help outside with all the distractions. They have made it out to the road several times which really frustrates my husband and I.

I am getting bruised up by these little beasts when we play with the rope frisbee toys as they both have to bring it back to me at the same time. One will usually get it while the other waits about 1/2 way and then when the one with the toy gets close they start fighting over it. Then they charge at me full bore and I feel as I've been hit by two little Mac Trucks!

They have discovered digging holes in the yard and worms. Last night they were chewing on them and dragging them all over the yard so it was another bath and teeth brushing. No wormie licking on this mom's face!!! I can imagine they will start finding even ickier stuff to gnaw on.

I really need to get some new photos posted soon. They are really beautiful after their bath as the brown tint in their black coats really shines. They remind me of pearl coated cars that never look the same color.
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Week 13

by elvisandmojo on 3/10/2009 at 3:14 PM in Progress

These boys are two little black weeds. Ok, at least they are growing like them. Elvis is now the heavyweight. They weighed in at 26 and 25 lbs last week at the vet. Again, wonderful words of praise at how well behaved they are.

We are still waiting for the weather to get more springlike around here. They love to get outside and I would love to train them to stop pooping on my garage floor. They seem to have forgotten how to do that outside.

My fingers are still all cut up from playing by those little razor sharp teeth of theirs. When are those things going to come out? I wonder if they will look like little pumpkins like my kids do....

Teeth brushing, ear checking, sitting, laying down and staying are all going well. They are listening to Daddy more so than to me these days. Possibly because now he's been put onto 2nd shift and he has plenty of time to play with them during the day. He also lets them run around more freely than I do when they are outside. Playing favorites I'm sure!

Mojo has a little white thing on his face (kind of where a whisker should be coming out) and the vet said he thinks that is a spot of puppy acne. Now I'm finding this pretty funny. It doesn't seem to bother him at all though as they still go at it pretty roughly in the early morning and of course when I arrive home. They like to fight each other while laying on top of you or while you are trying to walk. This is going to be addressed with the trainer very soon! Also the sneaking onto the couch and chairs. They act like little mountain dogs! That or maybe they are playing a puppy version of king of the hill.
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