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by Ceisha on 12/27/2009 at 7:01 PM in My Life

I had my first Christmas this year. My mommy got me some pretty cool new toys & treats. My uncle Mark got me some really neat sweaters to keep me warm when I go outside to pee & my mamaw got me a big dog that squeaks!!! Oh & I got another new toy from my aunt Lett. It was crazy at my house! I got to play w/my cousins Pippy & Buddy although Buddy doesn't play too much w/me. He's a big dog & I think I intimadate him. There were two nice kids that like to hug me & play w/me too. Boy was I tired at the end of each day. There were 2 new puppys that were @ my house that I had to meet. One, Cowgirl, she was okay. She was scared though being in a new place. The other pup, Rider, I didn't like him too much. I don't know why but I'd just as soon not have to see him again. Yesterday, I got to go play @ Pippy's house for a little while then slept all the way home. It's been a fun few days but I was glad we didn't have any company today. I've been real lazy & sleeping all day. What a life!!!!
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by Ceisha on 11/29/2009 at 7:08 PM in My Life

I took my first long car ride today & I must say, I wasn't too happy w/it. About 45 minutes into the ride I got sick on my mommy. She didn't get mad. She just got it cleaned up & we continued. We were w/my mamaw on our way to Waynesboro to go to PetSmart. Once we got there, I was scared, the place was sooo big. But once we got inside & my mommy put me down, I had fun exploring all the new scents & people & other dogs. She bought me a new collar, some new treats & a rain coat so I won't get wet when she takes me out to potty. Once we left there, my mommy & mamaw went to eat while I stayed in the car. Although I had my bed to lie in, I sat in the carseat so that I could see outside. On the ride back home, mommy & I took a nap. We went down to see Mark & Buddy & I got to get out of the car & run around & pee. I was sooo happy to be out of the car.

Now, I'm lying here in my mommy's lap sleeping while mommy writes about my trip. I hope I don't have to go riding again anytime soon.

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