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New Bkue Tzu Heeker puppy

by sharrielynne on 12/14/2011 at 3:19 AM in Just Saying Hello

I would like to introduce Kassy, Daddy was a Shih Tzu and mum a blue Heeler, I have only seen one on line on the Designer Dog site, but there must be more out there somewhere. She weighs in at 4 kg in the first pic and I will be updating info on her as we go on our life together, in case there is anyone out there looking for info as I am now,
We also have a little 1 year old chiahuahua called Mardi. Sadly lost both our old dogs this year, Mooje our little chi was 12 when she died of heart failure, and Cloynee our wolfhounf lab mix we had to put down yesterday aged 10, I am sure she was pining for her companion and was dying of a broken heart, she went blind and lost her sight within weeks of Mooje dying, does anyone out there know of that sort of thing happening to their dogs? Cloynee just seemed to lose the will to live. RIP my darling

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