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Now I know where the socks go!

by daszes on 11/27/2011 at 1:25 AM in Vet Visits

Know how when you do laundry and you never can pair up your socks?  
I know where mine go...Buddy eats them!
My son and I were sitting together watching TV. I had taken off my shoes and socks (footie). Buddy has snagged my socks before, but never tried to eat them!  He is chewing on the sock and I swear to goodness he "hovered" it in....As I yelled his name, he quickly spit the sock out.  BUT as soon as I went to grab the sock, he thought it was a game.  He ran upstairs and my son went after him.  Buddy usually hides under my son's bed when he has something he is not suppose to have, but instead he runs into my room, jumps on the bed and proceeds to swallow the sock whole!  My son yells down at me "HE ATE IT"!  I freak out....mind you Buddy will be 8 months old on 12/1/2011, so I am thinking terrible things.  I call our vet and they say Bring him in!
 We take off to the vets office (Emergency Room cost, ugh), Buddy is fine, he loves to ride in the car.  I often open the sunroof so his head can stick out and he can air.  He loves it!  
The vet requests to give him an injection to induce vomiting; it does not work.  Now what to do.  So here we are back at home ($110 later) walking the dog, waiting for him to pass a footie.  
Will it come out in one piece or in bits?  Anyone have the answer?  
Buddys Mom 

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