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The 6-pack

by Jackabella on 1/12/2010 at 9:21 PM in What's new?

When I moved to a new house in November, to live alone for the first time ever, Maggie, my American Bulldog, moved with me. I had gotten her in July, anticipating the move and being a single adult. Maggie helped me through this difficult transition period in my life. After only a few weeks, Hank came to live with me and Maggie in December; Hank was rescued from a shelter but couldn't stay at the apartment complex with my daughter, who had rescued him from a shelter.

Then, in February I went with my neice for HER to look at JRT/Beagle mix puppies (I was not interested in small breed dogs at all). Nonetheless, I came home with BELLA, and she has convinced me that small dogs are also great pets! When I remarried in August, Abby came with my husband. Hank, who had been the male on my household, had to learn how to let KRF be the top male of the house. And, along with KRF came another American bulldog puppy, six week old Abbby. So, then there were four canines and two humans, until the following July, when we got Rat Terrier
K V, before he was sent to animal control.

We felt Bella needed a small dog to be her companion. We fostered numerous dogs for the next seven months, from overnight to six weeks. Then, we were asked to foster Frankie for the MLK weekend in January 2009-- he became our sixth (and final?) member of our canine 6-pack of dogs.
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