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Brothers suck...

by dezmcbeth on 9/18/2009 at 9:08 AM in Panzie Says...

... I have this little (bigger) brother and he is obnoxious. He eats everything (including the couch while Mom and Dad were honeymooning). He's a suck up. And if you see his blogs on here, don't believe a word he types. Well, unless he's commenting on his lack of brain. That's pretty accurate.

Me? I'm the smart, calm, one. Normal lab size but enough hair to make two or three dogs, and I have a beautiful curly tail. And, yes, I'm a total momma's girl. She loves me *happy dog sigh*. Mom brought me home when I was about 12 weeks old and my sis dog (rip Baby) was the best sister a girl could have. Mom named me Panzie for the tough little flower, the Panzer tank, and cuz I'm a bit of a chicken. I have a long nick name though. Pamma-Lamma-Ding-Dong. As in "ohh, ee, ohh, ah, ah, ching chong, Pamma Lamma Ding Dong". Yep, my mom is weird.

Before Mom, I was an outside puppy and it was hard to live in the house. I'm glad I do now, cuz Mom lets me sleep on the bed after she and Dad are up. But Smothers Brothers Blubbers Puppers isn't allowed! Hee-hee!

I'm 6 and a half and anything "he" can do I can do better and with less drool. So, Mom is going to harness train me too. My brother is brawn, but I'm the brains so I'll get lead dog spot. I love snow, (hate water!) so winter should be fun this year. We'll go sledding at Pioneers Park and Bro and I will help pull the kids back up the hill.

Mom says she's going to have us help with the grocery shopping. I hope that means I get to choose the steaks! Oh, no, I bet this has to do with the dog-cart. I'll be pulling the groceries home. It's about five blocks and since Berners can pull a ton, I can pull my share and the little bit we'll carry will be a breeze.

I'm the serious dog, Bro is the clown. But I love him. He's always ready to wrestle, and he taught me how to play tug of war.

We have a cat too, and Mom says "kiss the kitty!" but the cat doesn't like it. I don't know why, he slobbers all over himself. I can just do it faster. He does leave great snacks in the box downstairs. And for some reason, Mom doesn't like that. She'd rather waste it by putting it in the trash! Humans! Can live with them and can't go for car rides without em.

Oh, well... More about me later.

Thanks for reading, hope you get a good walk today!

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