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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Cat Cremation Rock Pet Urns-

by abbylane on 1/3/2010 at 12:37 PM in Pet Urns for Pet Loss

Came, Purred, Conquered Rock Memorial Cremation Pet Urns are a cat memorial pet urn that is a beautiful cream ivory natural looking garden rocks. These cat urns are quite popular with pet owners who have lost their pet. These cat mememorial pet urns have a memorial poem and the image of the cat both which will help with pet loss. A cat pet urn dedicated to a keeping your pets memories alive. An internment pet urn for your feline and the perfect container for pets ashes.

A cat memorial pet urn that provides the perfect resting place for your cat, the perfect display pet urn and a beautiful pet memorial rock cremation urn that will play tribute to that pet.

The poem on the urn reads: I came, I purred I conquered . . . And left a trail of Beautiful memories A poem that will touch the heart of everyone who reads it.

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Pet Cremation Urns-antique look dog cat pet urn

by abbylane on 1/2/2010 at 1:36 PM in Pet Urns for Pet Loss

Pet Cremation Metal Vase Urns as a container for pets ashes with an antique metal urn look and a new pet urn at Heaven Pet Urns. These unique metal vase urns are becoming popular with pet owners as durable, attractive in grain , three sizes to choose from and available in the Silver, Gold, or Copper Antique. Internment pet urns that are affordable urns and lightweight steel with a attractive grain look. A timeless beauty, quality appearance as well as being a versatile pet urn that can be customized as a dog urn, cat urn, small animal urn, large animal urn or any type of pet urn as a lasting tribute for their special pet. These pet urns will ensure a safe haven for pets ashes and keep pets memories alive. A gift to a pet owner who has lost a pet, affordable at a price as if it was a discount urn but expensive antique look that is attractive in a display pet urn. A family heirloom and a keepsake pet urn in memory of that family pet, the love and life you had together.

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