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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Keepsake Pet Urn-as a dog cat pet urn keepsake

by abbylane on 11/3/2009 at 6:51 PM in Pet Urns for Pet Loss

Paw Print Double Heart Keepsake Pet Urn is a popular and beautiful keepsake memorial urn with pet owners. The paw print decoration, the unique size and the beauty of this pet memorial keepsake urn is what makes this a display pet urn in the form of a pet keepsake. This memorial keepsake pet urn is of a hand-cast brass heart of craftsmanship that needs to be seen to be believed. This heart keepsake pet urn has a pewter finish with bronze finish double paw prints a velvet box making this pet urn ready to give as a gift. A decorative pet urn keepsake only a pet owner could appreciate.

An internment pet urn for pets ashes in the form of keepsake pet urn as a family heirloom if only a portion of ashes wanted to be kept. Beautiful in all forms and could be as a dog urn, cat urn or any small pet urn with the decoration of the paw prints.

A internment pet urn as a family keepsake the right size for children to remember their pet by as a special container for pets ashes as well as a beautiful display pet urn that will play tribute to that special pet with its beauty and the decorative paw prints.
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Cat Memorial Wood Urns

by abbylane on 11/2/2009 at 1:34 PM in Pet Urns for Pet Loss

Cat Wood Pet Cremation Urn is new to Heaven Pet Urns and becoming quite popular with pet owners. This special wood pet urn will play tribute to that special pet as this cat wood urn is made of Light Cherry with a Purple Heart top. An attractive display pet urn because of the beautiful workmanship in this cat pet urn. The engraving on this cat urn is done with laser, displays three beautiful cats enjoying life as your pet did and the wood is beautiful. A memorial pet urn that can be a customized pet urn for pets ashes with your pets name engraved. The perfect internment pet urn for pets ashes in beauty, craftsmanship and attractiveness that only a unique pet urn can offer. A cat urn that is beautiful to have as a family heirloom or a keepsake pet urn for years to come. A container for pets ashes that will be a safe haven as your pets final resting place.

A perfect pet cremation urn as a wood pet urn with beautiful engraving of cats. Only in this decorative pet urn is the true beauty of a wood pet urn displayed. The perfect gift to someone who has lost their cat. A unique pet cremation urn that is attractive to have and to hold for that special pet.

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