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beaglebull and cats

by gabby59 on 2/24/2011 at 5:42 AM in A Day in the life of Fraggle

I adopted Charlotte my beaglebull and she is the sweetest little girl, most of the bio given on the is correct with a few things to be added. They are a little nippy. Charlotte likes to nip at my huskys legs and face and has to be corrected and chases, and barks all the time at the cats. I believe she wants to play with them and would never hurt them. Beaglebulls are more like beaglebulls and very attached to there owners and very afraid of being alone. I would recommend this bread to anyone that loves dogs.
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fussy doggie....

by gabby59 on 2/19/2011 at 6:18 AM in A Day in the life of Fraggle

I adopted a beautiful beaglebull , and took her to the vet this week and he recommended that i take her off the combo of wet/dry and just put her on the dry. I am trying and she has not eaten in three days. I called the vet back and he recommended that i ad a little wet and just reduce until there is non left. any suggestions on what kind of food my fussy little girl charlotte will like. I have her on purina one. The vet seems to think that is a good food. She has allergies. She is very fussy and wants nothing to do with this dry stuff.....thanks in advance. she is a trip...My husky will just leave her food on the floor until she is hungry but charlotte is just a little thing well kinda she is 25lbs.
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