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by kaj on 8/19/2008 at 11:42 AM in Designer Dogs

I'd have to admit, I've always had mid to large dogs, Labs, Collies, and Sheppard mixes. Until now. Barley, our Eskipoo (2 and a bit years) fits perfectly into our life. When we origally got him, he was to be 12 to 15lbs, so we expected a somewhat smaller dog. Barley is just over 2 now and he's a whole 17lbs. What a great family addition. He's the best dog I've owned. He laughs, crys and symathizes. I swear he is human, his communication capablities far surpasts any pet I've known or owned. He's smarter then imagined, He owns about 20 colourful balls an squiky toys, if you tell him to go get anyone of them, (that you've names) he'll bring it to you. If you tell him to put it away, he'll put it away, but picks it up to play with quickly again.

Barley the Eskipoo is the Best

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