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Everyday living

by beautifuleyes08 on 3/20/2012 at 5:47 PM in A Day In The Life Of ...

I taught my dog shadow how to go up and down the stairs and how to give me his paw when i ask for it. Shadow will give me his paw to make me think he is playing but in reality he wants  to be picked up. Potty training is the hardest thing for me to teach him. I am begining to get frustrated because he has urinated on me. Did anyone experience that? Shadow is full of energy. He enjoys playing and pestering our three cats buster, oreo and midnight. Shadow loves sleeping on me. If shadow could lick on people 24/7 I believe that he would. My uncle picks with me about him talking about he would make a good meal. I told him he is crazy if he thought that I would actually allow him to kill and eat my dog. Shadow is like a child to me because i dont have any children. Shadow protects me and loves me. Shadow is afraid of thunderstorms. He doesnt like shadows at all he barks at them. 

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