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by buggsrock on 5/6/2012 at 2:27 PM in Training

It seems really had at first to have a puppy, but chill out people. use bitter apple or something like that.Go easy on them. I have a Bugg now that is hard. I have to take her for a walk everyday. so yup don't ever give up on your dog it will work out.

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Pet Mama in tears most of the time!

by Furface on 12/2/2010 at 4:09 PM in Training

Angus, our mastador, adopted from the humane society at 4 months now 10.5 months old, is driving me crazy! He's extremely loving yet incredibly destructive. Never went through this with our other dog (4 yrs.). Angus destoys an average of 3 things before noon each and every day. And yes, I try to watch him but I do have to attend to basic chores and shower ya know?! We've supplied him with plenty of kongs, hard rubber chew toys, tons of stuffed animals - which he is rapidly de-stuffing, a special cuddle/comfort blanket to drag around. We live on a beautiful 1/2 acre of land with a creek along the back property line, and a view of a river and a mountain. When we built our split rail 4'fence it was able to contain our other 2 dogs, but Angus continues to either jump over it on through it. We've lined it with chicken wire, bought an electronic collar, walk him outside the property 1 - 2 times daily.....still he gets out and continues to be destructive. I bake soup bones 2x weekly, stuff the kongs w/peanut butter, when I really need to run errands and put the dogs in their compound. It's 39'x12 with an attached 7'x10'enclosed porch. All their needs are met, and yet Angus continues to get into, destroy, ruin things. I don't dare leave them in the house (mind you we have but Angus and our 4yr. old shepard mix Anika now - our precious long haired Rotty passed away - which is way we adopted Angus). It's getting to cold outside to leave them in their compound for the couple of hours a week I run errands, so I'm forced to use our F-250 truck with a large kennel inside the canopy, to house Angus. He lost his right to have free run inside the canopy with his sister when he ripped out all the wiring and ate large hunks out of the carpeted overhead custom canopy! I'm truly at my wits end here. We would never, ever give up on him, yet I'm so frustrated I end up in tears some days. We also have 4 kitties, all of which are wonderfully accepting of the dogs. The 14 month old kitten actually interacts all the time with Angus. HELP?!
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