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Shes a handful

by Misschrys81 on 8/20/2009 at 4:13 PM in Training

Lola is Great but she is a handfull. I love her and enjoy her company. I dont how ever have a finced yard and even if I did there's over 40 achers of it so, it would still be hard to track her down. she does come when I call her but only with in a 100 feet maybe . I dont mind her running around but I dont want her to get lost. she know sit , shake and go home . she is almost house broken but using puppy pads proved to be a bad Idea in this studio basment apartment. now that I dont want to by pads anymore she choose to go there still . I tried locking her up in her crate most of the day but that didnt work and she cried to be let out and I felt bad. so she contiued, spanking helped a lot but she still goes there from time to time and now is a little aprehisive when I am by that area and call her. well there is many more days ahead to try to clarify the problem we'll see if she is as good a dog as I hope she will be.
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