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Collar & Leash Training

by JLRose06 on 8/21/2008 at 3:09 PM in Training

So, Daisy is a crazy ball of energy that likes to bite/eat everything. We have started to try and get her used to a collar and leash, it has been interesting to say the least. I bought her a cute collar that had little Daisy's on it and she hated it. She scratched at it so much, sh ended up getting a little sore. So I took it off of her and let the sore heal, which it seemed to do in no time (I wish I healed that fast, ha-ha). Now we are using a harness. That seems to be working a lot better. She pouted at first, which was kind of cute, but now she is doing better with it. I have since added the leash and she really doesn't like it. I thought she would just pout and not go to the bathroom out side or anything, but she will go outside on the leash and do her business, then pout. I have been rewarding her with treats and that seems to be working better. I know it will take time. The reason why I started with the leash and collar training is b/c my yard is not fenced in and my schnauzers stay in the yard, but Daisy started to run into the neighbors yard and decided she didn't wanted to listen when I called her, so I figured it was time to start the training. We are also working on Sit, Stay (not going very well), and no. She has learned no and is starting to know when she does something wrong, which is good. It's a slow process, but she is definitely learning more every day.
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