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potty training

by shi_chi_lover on 7/31/2010 at 2:08 PM in Training

iam trying to train my shi_chi who is 2 months old and leash train him also. its kinda hard becuz my boyfriend dose not help...omg... but the first time i walked him on a leash he did pretty well he tryed to get out of it a few times. got layzy layed in the grass but for the most part he did good i brought his mother along. and it helped shes train to walk with out a leash soo she just followed it helped bucz were ever he sees her go he see its o.k so thats going pretty well but the potty traing is'nt i started out with the puppy pads now he got the hang of that iam try fot the out side but hes just not getting it hes more consurned about playing.. but iam sure he will get it dose anyone have advice fore me it realy help me. thanks
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