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Doin good

Doin good

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Doin good

by sophiesmom on 8/11/2009 at 5:07 PM in First Post

Sophie came through her spaying just fine and now with the Comfortis she is flea free. Yayyyyyyy I'm telling you what, that stuff is amazing. If anyone tries it, make sure you give it with food. She is so amazing. I still find her so cute. I sit and watch her and when she sees me watching she will run at me and make me pick her up. She has picked up some habits from Roody also. Roody is on Lasix for his heart and when he pees, he pees. It always gets on his feet so he will kick his feet and dry them on the ground. I have watched her watch him, and now at different times she will do the same thing with her feet. She doesn't quite know what she's doing and sometimes will tumble a little. We call her the mimic cause she even watches the cats and we will catch her sitting next to them or walking along side of them, just watching. I never tire of her that's for sure. She's better than TV, except on Sundays when her and I have to watch True Blood on HBO. She will sit with me and when she hears the opening music you can feel her kind of shake and just keep looking at me.
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