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Evidence and dilema

Evidence and dilema

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Evidence and dilema

by snowdust on 12/1/2009 at 7:35 PM in First Post

Chance is very smart and learns quickly. In less than 1.5 days he has learned when he comes inside he must stay on the front door mat (even if he cant see me!)until his paws have been wiped! This is nessessary because we get alot of snow here in the winter and I dont want wet dirty paw prints all over,nor do I want him to be a bother to guests by putting his wet paws on him. So my question then is:why does he continue to pee/poop in the house,sometimes less than 5 minutes after coming back inside,having been out for 30 minutes! I know Chance is smart as he already knows several commands, but not that peeing and pooping inside the house is not acceptable! He had 2 'accidents' today.Pooping in the kitchen this morning within minutes of being let inside again and late this afternoon again peeing inside less than 5 minutes after coming back in the house! I would realy appreciate any tips from other pooghan owners.How long did it take your pooghan to understand this concept and what method or tricks did you use?I am crate training him and he does not mess in his crate,even when in the crate for almost 8 hours at night.
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