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Rainbow Bridge Wood Pet Urns

Rainbow Bridge Wood Pet Urns

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Rainbow Bridge Wood Pet Urns

by abbylane on 1/7/2010 at 6:25 PM in Pet Urns for Pet Loss

The Rainbow Bridge Wood Memorial Poem Pet Urns are a popular memorial pet urns because they express the love of a pet. Heaven Pet Urns finds this pet urn the finest tribute to a pet in the form of the famous Rainbow Bridge Poem. A container for pets ashes that is suitable as a dog urn, cat pet urn, small animal urn or any animal urn with the sentiment of the Rainbow Bridge Poem reflecting back on your pet's life and how you will meet again. An internment pet urn that gives your pet the respect he deserves in beauty, sentiment and in keeping pets memories alive.
A very attractive wood memorial poem pet urn and a display pet urn representing the pet that was loved and missed.
The Rainbow Bridge memorial poem cremation pet urn makes a very nice gift to someone for their precious pet's final resting place adding comfort to the grieving pet owner in the sentiment of the poem. A keepsake pet urn that will become a family heirloom and remembrance for years to come.

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