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Angered Pup

Angered Pup

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Angered Pup

by AresMom on 1/28/2010 at 12:51 PM in Funny Stories

So last night I and my cousin went to a place called Sips N Strokes in Tuscaloosa, AL. For anyone that doesn't know this is a place where you go and paint, they step you through the painting for the night. Well while I was gone Ares (my new baby) stayed home with my husband and two kids and evidently he was a little upset that I was gone. We just adopted him on 1/22/10 and he is already a momma's boy. My husband texted me while I was in class and told me that he had pee peed on the living room carpet, in my daughters room and in my bedroom. Ares is already somewhat pee pad trained. Ever since we got him he has used the pads to go potty on. I told my husband that was not like him to do that, he said that he thought it was because I was gone. Well I get home and he is lying in my husband's lap, he sees me and goes crazy. Well we got ready for bed and I started to lay down, Ares sleeps in the bed with us and he will always lets us know if he has to go potty. Well I put him in the bed and start to lay down I look to see where he is and he turns looks right at me and pees on my comforter. It was like he was saying this is what you get for not being here. I just thought it was funny what he did; I only thought it was funny after the fact. I had to get on to him for what he did and he slept in his bed the rest of the night.
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Hi AresMom,

I don't think I would find this to be too funny. It might be a habit that is going to prove hard to break. You might want to consider crating the pup during your travels if indeed his is a Mamma's Boy. After you have left, the family could then let him out and enjoy him but then re-crate prior to your coming home. This may prevent future bouts of misbehaving and getting back at you in ways that are not acceptable behavior.

Just my two cents as we've been working on our two Boweimars and their antic when I walk into the door after being gone for work and they practically maul me with their affection.
elvisandmojo on 2/1/2010 at 11:02 AM

Oh I didn't find it funny at all when it happened. The next day is when I got to thinking about it and thought it was funny what he did. My two children have done things like that, not actually doing what he did but trying to push my limits, and I have disciplined them. He did better the next night with going back to his routine of going to the potty on the pads and outside. I don't believe in crating him, I honestly find that cruel. I know that it may sound like I am a wimpy person but I just can't see putting him in a cage. I know a lot of people that crate train their animals; I'm just not that person. I'm not going to let him think that he can do what he wants, I am actually training him. I've read where Yorkie's are very nasty when it comes to being around people they don't know. I've taken him around lots of people and let them hold him so that he can get the understanding of actually being around people. My daughter actually had a sleepover this past weekend and he did very well. There were lots of 7 year old girls running around screaming and being girly and also wanting to treat him like a baby. He did very well, he didn't bite, growl or anything he did very well. I think he is just trying to see how far he can go, but he will learn that it won't be far.
AresMom on 2/1/2010 at 1:31 PM

Everyone has different opinions on the crating issue. We are craters which is actually like a safe haven for the boys. They climb in on their own for bed times or in general to give themselves a break from our frenzy of activity in our house. It works well for us. We try not to utilize it as a punishment. We do believe that it will prevent the need for discipline especially around meal times when they do go into the crate for the meal.

I'm glad to hear that the activity during the sleepover went well. Our boys tend to be on their best behavior during events like those too as the kids tend to give them plenty of attention and they just go to their crates when they are tired of it.
elvisandmojo on 2/2/2010 at 8:52 AM

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