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Cian the obsessive Biting Alaskan Shepherd. . .

Cian the obsessive Biting Alaskan Shepherd. . .

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Cian the obsessive Biting Alaskan Shepherd. . .

by JoshCharmley on 3/21/2012 at 6:00 AM in A Day In The Life Of ...

Cian is getting really bad about biting our fingures, hands, arms, feet, and ankles. We have been doing the whole "Make him Submit" thing, holding him down on his side/back head to the ground and keeping him there till he calms down and submits. But lately it just seems to make him more agressive. He's a Cool Pupopy and we love him, but he's drawing blood on a daily basis now. I know that a MAJOR part of it, is that we don't really have anywhere we can exercise him. We do not have a fenced backyard yet, we are saving up for the fence and we're getting there. He has not had all his shots yet, so we can't even take the poor lil guy out for walks and what not, as parvo is pretty Bad here where we live. I feel bad for him because I know that he has a lot of energy and no outlet. I try to run back and forth in the hallway and he chases me, but its not really a good workout, there is not that much room to run in the house. I have started taking him to my moms house once in a while, she has a big fenced back yard, but she also has a 108 pound Labradoodle O'Riley (Labradoodle) loves Cian, but he gets excited and tramples him. Cian only wiegh's 14 pounds so I worry that when O'Riley tramples over him, he will hurt him. So I only take Cian over twice a week. When I do take him over though, he does much better for the rest of the day as far as biting and acting agressive, so I know it's just him trying to deal with his energy. Man, I can't wait till he has all his shots so we take him out for walks.

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Mouthing is part of something a puppy does. Teach your dog to not touch your hands or any part of your body with their mouth is a long slow process. You will need to respond to his mouthing every time he does it consistently until he learns this not something he can do. You will also need to make sure everyone else also responds to his mouthing. Remember gentle teaching is also important and to make sure you are not reinforcing the mouthing by accident. Your puppy may also be teething wihih makes the mouthing even more. Something you could try is every single time his mouth touches a person you stop play and get up and walk away, removing your attention every single time is a good stating point.This will seem like you are moving away all the time inthe beginning. When you approach your dog and dhi does not mouth praise him and give him a treat.
emgerber on 3/21/2012 at 11:14 AM

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