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How to keep your dog's eyes free of hair

by michdwy on 10/5/2009 at 7:37 AM in First Post

I have a delightful Pug Zu, but like many of the smaller breeds, especially those who are near to the ground, have a flat face, fairly prominent eyes and lots of facial hair. she tends to get quite regularly "goo" in her eyes. which can easily be removed with damp tissue. Hair around her eyes possibly makes the problem worse and certainly spoils her vision. The obvious answer is clip the hair. Easier said than done. When the scissors came into view, my little Boo vigourously tried to escape from my embrace and I feared she might twist or jerk onto them, although I use blunt-nosed ones. Recently I met the owners of a couple of similar designer dogs, Shih Tzu/Jack Russells. I mentioned this problem and they gave me a recommendation which seems ridiculous - put the dog up on an ironing board at its highest level. I was very sceptical, but it does work. At first Boo started to struggle as usual, then within a couple of minutes, allowed me to clear the hair from around her eyes and I can now do it regularly. I assume what is happening, that when Boo moves, the iron board tends to wobble a bit and she realises that she must stay still.
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