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The Boys Week 1 and 2

by elvisandmojo on 1/30/2009 at 2:05 PM in First Post

There are days when I'm wondering why I opted for two pups. Other days are incredible and I'm so glad the brothers are together. We've had the boys for two weeks and they are two "handfuls". What different personalities these guys have and how much fun we have had watching them grow since bringing them home. I have yet to weigh them but they are scheduled for the vet next week for the 8 week check.

In addition to the potty training and working with them not to chew all the leather and wood in the house we have been working on playing fetch. These stints can vary from 10 minutes until bored to over an hour (and how that hour flies when they are into it).

The kids are adjusting well. Our 7 year old son is still not into it but the 11 year old daughter is in her glory... at least until someone has an accident and we make her clean it up. Trust me, puppies were not on my list for Santa in 2007 but they were on both kids letters.

I may have started puppy fever here at work. The long winter has people looking for a change and maybe an addition to their families!
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