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Chiweenie Testimonials

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Abby came to us a few years ago. She was a stray that someone had sit out and we took her in. She's the most affectionate little dog and loves attention. If her daddy doesn't speak to her and/or pick her up when he comes in from work, she actually goes off to pout. She's very active almost to the point of hyper active at times. She can run circles around my other three larger dogs and she feels no intimidation from them at all. She's queen of the castle so to speak. She is somewhat picky about what she will eat and what she wont. And since she is long-bodied like a dachshund, the vet has told us she is prone to back injuries. She's been to the vet once because she sprained her back and now as I am typing this, we think she may have done this again because of how she's acting. Other than the back sprains, she's otherwise pretty healthy. Abby is approx. 3-4 years old. We're not exact on her age since she came to us as a stray. Very loving, likes to give you kisses and loves attention. She has a little stuffed beaver that she plays with and carries around a lot. She lost it one time outside in our rather large fenced in backyard and we searched for 2 days to find it. Now, we try and stop her from taking it outdoors anymore :-)
Posted: 11/13/2011 10:27:52 AM by Anonymous

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They're like bouncing Beanie-Babies!

I have two Chiweenies, whom my family and I love DEARLY! They are brother and sister, and as of writing this are 7 months old. Their mother,DiDi, is my mom's dog, a very sweet tan colored apple-head Chihuahua of about 3 years, and their daddy is a black and tan AKC registered Dachsaund, belonging to our next-door neighbors. The female Chiweenie, Smoochie, is the most attention-craving little critter I've EVER seen. She is queen bee, ruler of the roost, and she KNOWS it. When she wants your attention, you can't do a thing to get rid of her. If she doesn't want your attention, you can call her name until you're blue in the face and get nothing! She's the ULTIMATE lap dog, though, in spite of her occasional independant streak. Even though she has the Dachsaund body, she has long slender legs and dainty lil feet just like her mama. Her brother, PhatBoy (aka Mr. P.B. Wigglebottoms, Esquire), on the other hand, simply cannot stand being held for any longer than 3 to 5 minutes, and if you're priviledged enough to carry him, he will only let you do so as long as he's allowed to perch on your shoulder. Picture a strange cross between a parrot and mink stole. He's very active and athletic, short,stocky, and muscular just like his daddy, complete with long nose, sausagelegs, and flat lil feet perfect for digging. He loves attention as much as his sister, though, and can play like the day is long. The only thing to watch out for, I've noticed, is the bark. at. EVERYTHING. Neighbor slams a car door, they can't contain themselves. They see a blowing leaf, they MUST alert you to its presence. An acorn fell of a tree? It's their duty to let the whole house know at once. And they LOVE to dig... no couch cushion is safe from their flying paws of fury. But as long as you can tolerate these odd little quirks, these dogs will make your life asfulfilling as if you had children =)
Posted: 8/17/2011 9:45:47 AM by Anonymous

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I rescued my Chiweenie, Coco, from the Paws for A Cause shelter. She is long haired, and chocolate colored with beautiful tan markings. She is a little angel. She was abused in a puppy mill but she has recovered so well!! She LOVES to snuggle and she doesn't chew and she hasnt peed in my house ever. She is absolutely adorable. I am so in love with her and would do almost anything for her. Chiweenies are wonderful dogs and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a loving, smart dog.
Posted: 7/26/2011 12:13:18 PM by Anonymous

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My Chiweenie

I just want to say that I own a Chiwinnie and mine is black and tan, short hair and now almost 2. They are the best dogs and they do tend to bond with one person. Mine is attached to me but I have noticed a health issue its not major but mine is a male and he is fixed. I noticed he could not pee so I took him to the vet and they tried to say it was stones and drainned his bladder and that was not it. So I took him to another vet and that found out it was a musscle spassm, so they gave him valum and he went back to normal. So this is something you may need to look for I don't know if its common in the breed, but otherwise there happy all around great dogs.
Posted: 2/5/2011 5:21:31 PM by Anonymous

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Chiweenie! Now I Know!

My Chiweenie, Brava, is a rescue from Wonder Dogs in San Francisco. She was estimated to be under 1 1/2 years old from her teeth. She was going into her first heat. She about 3-4 now. She was rescued from a high kill shelter & I suspect she was not socialized well and/or was abused during housebreaking. She did not seem to be used to be indoors, even though she was perfectly housebroken. She was shy and aloof at first, and so was hard to place, and did not want to be picked up and would bite if lifted suddenly and startled. My son picked her out from a Wonder Dog visit to my pet shop. I agreed just to foster her for a day or week, to help out. I was planning to get a big Shepherd mix I could hike with. But you know what they say: never let them in your bed the first night! We were bonded.

Wonder Dogs called her Bruiser and I soon discovered why: she bites! I never knew when, usually without warning if I did not watch her on the leash passing strangers. She bit hard! I tried to return her, but we both knew that they would have to take her back to the shelter where she faced a sure death. I didn't think I had the skill to train her or could afford a professional. Later, friends advised me that she was extremely protective of me. She only bit while on the leash (I don't dare let her off of it outside without a fence) and only with me. I changed her name from "Bruiser" to Brava, which means brave in Spanish but also means: "She bites!"

Since Wonder Dogs specializes in Bostons, I assumed she was a Boston-Jack Russel mix with her Boston Terrier ("Terrorer") coloring and brindle. But she looks exactly like the pictures of the white ones with black ears and brindle coat with flop-over ears and tiny walrus-like feet. Then I suspected she was not a Boston/Jack Russell at all, since she's such a cuddly couch potato! She fits the description of a typical Chiweenie in every way. She very affectionate, demanding, STUBBORN, smart, and mostly sleeps.

If you can't decide if you want a dog or a cat and can only have one that size, get a Chiweenie. Brava thinks she's a cat! Except when she's defending her ONE Person or trying to beat up big dogs. When she suspects I'll be out for a while or overnight, she'll limit her water and food intake. I was amazed when I discovered that. She always lets me know what she wants and when she wants it. She won't take no for an answer when she wants cuddling and petting, she'll place her head under my hand and move it herself. She nuzzles me hard and likes to learn cute tricks like when she wants to get on my bed, which I seldom allow. I'll say, "No, not on mommy's bed! Not unless you're cute. You gonna be cute? And she lays down and covers her eyes with her paws, then acts like she's washing her face and nose, and looks really cute!

She has a definite outdoor look and an indoor look; she's a quiet (she rarely barks) cuddly independent, sleep all day cat indoors, and a PROUD feisty aloof and protective dog outside. I love her!
Posted: 2/2/2011 5:58:52 PM by Anonymous

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Charlie Moo

I just got my Chiweenie Monday (9.27.10) and she is my baby :) She sleeps in bed with my boyfriend and I every night and she loves to cuddle up to both of us. When she cant find one of us she whines for us until we call her name. My boyfriend bought her for me since we cant have kids together Charlie Moo is our baby. I want to take her everywhere with me. She rides great in the car. She is doing great on going to the potty outside. She just started crate training today and Im hating it cause I hate to hear her whine :( I cant wait to see her every night. She hasnt really barked yet, just whined. I can already see that she thinks shes a big bad dog sometimes with the way she plays with her toys. She is very cuddly. Im so happy that I have my Charlie Moo, I will definitely be adding to my family again with another Chiweenie one day. Charlie Moo seems to a rare kinda Chiweenie because she is white with black spots and has big blue eyes.
Posted: 10/9/2010 6:37:36 PM by CharlieMoo

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