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Boxmatian Testimonials

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mum boxer, dad dalmation

My dog Odie is 2yrs old, (mother was boxer, father dalmation) and i must say he's an absolute pleasure....most of my friends have requested the number of the lady i got him from, and i have had several friends asking my 9yr old daughter to sell him to them, he is that great! and i think he has local celebrity status due to his size and approachability, all the kids and adults alike stop and comment n fuss him. He's highly intelligent, and eager to learn, very quickly picking up on every trick, and has a strange but adorable tendency to walk on his back legs whenever you are stood around talking. I'm sure he thinks he's just one of us humans! while stood upright, he then walks forwards, backwards, turns around, play boxes, dances, jumps etc. He is also an extremely well behaved dog,not greedy or whiney, naturally excellent with children, babies and kittens, being both gentle and protective, and takes instruction like an angel. He isn't a fussy dog at all,quite chilled and cool, loafs around, although he insists on a loud bark or 3 at every knock at the door(which in my opinion is a good thing). He's eagerly sociable with all dogs, but can be clumsy and over-excited with smaller dogs. Very strong and fast, loves a good 200m sprint back n forth for 10mins if you keep it going with enthusiastic arm waving and lots of egging him on:). VERY submmissive to owners spoken word and/or signed commands (ie. twirling finger=turn)So easy to train, and the point i have to push again is just how gentle a nature the boxmation has, a softy through and through, has a humour, can be cheeky without ever overstepping the boundaries. Just watch out for that long tail! would reccommend to anyone who wants a well trusted dog, as long as you bring them up right :)
Posted: 11/19/2009 10:04:20 AM by Anonymous

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Lady the Boxmatian

Lady is a beautiful cream and golden Boxmatian. She is almost eight weeks old (born on Nov. 26, 2008) and is growing well. We adopted her from a lady with many young puppies in poor conditions and Lady had a lot of worms, fleas, ticks, etc. when she came to us. She is now growing at a steady rate, and loves to run through the grass in our backyard, fight with our broom, and chase plastic bottles. We live in Northern Argentina so it is quite hot and humid and Lady drinks lots of water to stay cool. We love her Dalmatian floppy ears and her Boxer stance and are convinced that she also has some cat mixed in her for the use of her front paw for EVERYTHING (just kidding on the cat bit!)
Posted: 1/22/2009 7:33:32 PM by LadyandMe

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