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They're like bouncing Beanie-Babies!

I have two Chiweenies, whom my family and I love DEARLY! They are brother and sister, and as of writing this are 7 months old. Their mother,DiDi, is my mom's dog, a very sweet tan colored apple-head Chihuahua of about 3 years, and their daddy is a black and tan AKC registered Dachsaund, belonging to our next-door neighbors. The female Chiweenie, Smoochie, is the most attention-craving little critter I've EVER seen. She is queen bee, ruler of the roost, and she KNOWS it. When she wants your attention, you can't do a thing to get rid of her. If she doesn't want your attention, you can call her name until you're blue in the face and get nothing! She's the ULTIMATE lap dog, though, in spite of her occasional independant streak. Even though she has the Dachsaund body, she has long slender legs and dainty lil feet just like her mama. Her brother, PhatBoy (aka Mr. P.B. Wigglebottoms, Esquire), on the other hand, simply cannot stand being held for any longer than 3 to 5 minutes, and if you're priviledged enough to carry him, he will only let you do so as long as he's allowed to perch on your shoulder. Picture a strange cross between a parrot and mink stole. He's very active and athletic, short,stocky, and muscular just like his daddy, complete with long nose, sausagelegs, and flat lil feet perfect for digging. He loves attention as much as his sister, though, and can play like the day is long. The only thing to watch out for, I've noticed, is the bark. at. EVERYTHING. Neighbor slams a car door, they can't contain themselves. They see a blowing leaf, they MUST alert you to its presence. An acorn fell of a tree? It's their duty to let the whole house know at once. And they LOVE to dig... no couch cushion is safe from their flying paws of fury. But as long as you can tolerate these odd little quirks, these dogs will make your life asfulfilling as if you had children =)
Posted: 8/17/2011 9:45:47 AM by Anonymous

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