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Abby came to us a few years ago. She was a stray that someone had sit out and we took her in. She's the most affectionate little dog and loves attention. If her daddy doesn't speak to her and/or pick her up when he comes in from work, she actually goes off to pout. She's very active almost to the point of hyper active at times. She can run circles around my other three larger dogs and she feels no intimidation from them at all. She's queen of the castle so to speak. She is somewhat picky about what she will eat and what she wont. And since she is long-bodied like a dachshund, the vet has told us she is prone to back injuries. She's been to the vet once because she sprained her back and now as I am typing this, we think she may have done this again because of how she's acting. Other than the back sprains, she's otherwise pretty healthy. Abby is approx. 3-4 years old. We're not exact on her age since she came to us as a stray. Very loving, likes to give you kisses and loves attention. She has a little stuffed beaver that she plays with and carries around a lot. She lost it one time outside in our rather large fenced in backyard and we searched for 2 days to find it. Now, we try and stop her from taking it outdoors anymore :-)
Posted: 11/13/2011 10:27:52 AM by Anonymous

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