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We have a "rescue" Lab/Chow mix named Cadie, now for two years, overall she is a great dog.

She is solid black, except around each eye is a brown ring of hair, which is what attracted us to saving her. I think she has the build of the Lab, the ears of the Chow and the black spotted tongue.

Learning what we did about Chows, we did our best to socialize her with other people. She is very stand-offish with visitors, rarely letting anyone pet her, often staying in the same room keeping a careful eye on visitors and growling if they try to pet her. She has not ever shown any signs of aggressiveness outside of the growl or trying to bite anyone even when they push to pet her. Otherwise she is completely at home with the two of us, could not be a better dog.

Cadie was very easy to house break and to learn to sit, shake, stay, lay and to operate a treat machine which is in the shape of a bubble gum machine with a big bone type lever which must be operated to get the treat.

We have a 15 year old Schnoodle which sleeps all day and Cadie ignores and an eight year old Schnoodle that Cadile loves to play with, but she plays rougher than what the other dog likes, but overall the coexist very well.

Yes she sheds, loves to play tug of war and starts every night at the foot of our bed, but soon gets down and sleeps on the floor.

I hope your experience with a Chow/Lab mix works out as well as our Cadie has.

Posted: 12/10/2011 11:03:18 AM by Anonymous

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