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Deciding To Get A Puppy

Posted: 10/30/2007 | Updated: 3/3/2011

Deciding To Get A Puppy

So, you have decided you want to get a puppy. Before following through on this decision you need to make sure it has been well thought out. Raising a puppy is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. This decision will affect your entire family. Puppies need a lot of care, especially at the beginning. There can also be a fair amount of cost involved in owning a dog. There are the vet bills, food, toys, grooming and other routine costs to consider before buying a dog. If your entire family is on board with this decision then you will need to decide what type of puppy you want to get. Are you going to get a purebred or a mixed breed? Are you going to buy one from a breeder, a pet store, a newspaper ad or adopt one from a local shelter? These are some of the decisions you will need to make before actually getting your puppy.

No matter where you are going to get your puppy from, you will need to do some research on the different breeds of dogs out there. There are many references on the internet that will provide you with quality information about the different breeds available and their personality and characteristics. You could check your local library. They should have a section of dog related books that can provide you with vast amounts of information. If you know someone who has the type of dog you are considering that would be a great resource as well, they have firsthand knowledge that could prove very useful in your search.

Choosing a dog is a matter of personal taste. What are you looking for in a dog? Are you looking for just a loyal companion or do you need a dog for a particular sport, like hunting. When deciding on your type of dog you should consider your reasons and motivation for wanting a dog. These can drastically affect the type of dog you should get.

Once you have narrowed your decision to your top two or three choices you should begin researching breeders and/or local shelters. If possible adopting an animal from a local shelter is a great decision. You can really make a difference in the life of an animal and get a wonderful pet at the same time. No matter where you choose to get your new dog from you should do some research about the establishment. If they have a website, read some customer referrals, if they are available. That is a great way to learn about their past customers and to see if they were satisfied with their dogs.

Remember choosing a dog is a big decision and should be well researched and thought out, not just rushed into. Today, dogs can live up to 15 years or more so this is not a temporary decision. If you take the time to do your research and planning you will enjoy many happy and healthy years with your new pet.

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