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Jenny's Bio

joined 7/21/2009

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Golden Shepherd
Jenny the Cream Female Golden Shepherd / Stands 20 inches tall / Weighs 50 lbs / Born 1/5/2009 in Westbury, England / Lives with Chrissy2708 in SALISBURY (United Kingdom)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Jen Wren
Came From
Soft, loving and playful
Favorite Toy
Cuddly rabbit, remains of pink monkey, and teddy dog
Favorite Hobby
Playing with best friends Cookie and Honey
Favorite Food
Anything meaty
Favorite Treat
Chocolate (The canine variety)
Favorite Trick
Sitting pretty
Favorite Place To Sleep
Anywhere we are
Favorite Place To Play
The field behind the house
Favorite Place To Walk
Anywhere she can roll in mud (or worse!)
Cuddles and ear rubs
Having her nails clipped
Jenny's Story & Details
Got Jenny at seven weeks old, after saying we would never have another dog when we lost our beautiful German Shepherd bitch, Lady, at twelve years of age. Hard act to follow, and it took us ten years for the pain to heal enough to realize how much we were missing, being without a dog. Then our daughter was given a Whippet/Border Collie pup last November. We loved him, and decided it was time to think again. We heard of a litter quite locally, Mum was the Golden Retriever and Dad was the German Shepherd, and there were 5 pups left, 3 pale cream, one black and one sable and tan. We chose one of the little balls of blonde fluff, and it seems we picked a good one, she's been no trouble at all so far, hardly chewed things she shouldn't, and loves the whole family, including our daughter's two young children. On her first walks, she stuck so close to my feet that I was practically falling over her, but now she has more confidence, and we walk on the field out the back of our home, where she gallops around with her best friend Cookie, who was very gentle with her from day one, but she always comes back when she is called. She asks only to be with us, and is usually lying on someone's feet, but now she is beginning to guard us and our property, and soon lets us know if there is anyone about. I think we got all the best characteristics of both breeds, and it's amazing how much her temperament is like her predecessor. In fact, we joke that maybe "Auntie Lady" is tutoring her!

Jenny's Puppy Pad

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