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Stuart's Bio

joined 11/18/2009

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Stuart the Gray & Tan Male Chizer / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 10 lbs / Born 6/24/2009 in La Habra, CA / Lives with Stuart in Mission Viejo, CA (United States)


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Stewie & Poopsie
Came From
Smart, funny, playful
Favorite Toy
cat ball
Favorite Hobby
stealing socks!
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Nutru biscuts
Favorite Trick far
Favorite Place To Sleep
his bed
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
ear cleanings
Stuart's Story & Details
He's such a funny dog. Always on his best behavior, barks a bit but not much. Figured out that his tummy doesn't like dog food with red meat in it (poop would not harden). Found a good brand name Nutru, which is made with chicken, and NO bi products. Easily trained to go on potty pads, but he ate his poop. Tried everything, medication, pineapples, chew tablets from Petco...nothing worked. We now have a yard, and he doesn't have a need to eat his poop anymore. Now, he eats random things in the yard. From grass to weeds to bugs...everything! He also loves to steal socks. I dont' have many complaints with this dog! He's never chewed furniture or destroyed anything...which most puppies do. All around he is a great dog!!!

Stuart's Puppy Pad

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