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Dead Pool (Da'Pool)'s Bio

joined 12/21/2009

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Dead Pool (Da'Pool)
Plush Danois
Dead Pool (Da'Pool) the White Merle Male Plush Danois / Stands 11 inches tall / Weighs 19 lbs / Born 10/24/2009 in Wyoming / Lives with PlushDANOIS in Granger, WY (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Pool and DaPool
Came From
Funny, Charming, Schmoozer, lovey
Favorite Toy
Stuffed animals and durable giant dog toys
Favorite Hobby
Licking mum's chin
Favorite Food
My Puppy Food (mum won't give me raw diet yet!)
Favorite Treat
What is a treat?
Favorite Trick
Sitting and Waiting like a pretty boy for my food.
Favorite Place To Sleep
In Mum's arms
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
being made to wait for my food...
Dead Pool (Da'Pool)'s Story & Details
I was born a Double Merle--so I am amazing and white, and have perfect eyesight, but I am Deaf. I don't know the difference though and Mum say's she's not going to treat me any different than my siblings because I never knew what it was like to hear and she says I don't know what I am missing. She also wants me so well trained that people don't know I am Deaf unless she chooses to tell them (like here).

Sometimes a puppy like me happens in a Harlequin and Merle based bloodline, but my brother who is also white can hear and see perfectly.

Mum says some people drown white colored puppies because some of us are Deaf, isn't that HORRIBLE?! Mum also says I won't be contributing to the Plush Danois breed--having something sounding like "Tutored" after I am a year old. But I will become a Therapy Dog and Ambassador for what she hopes the Plush Danois will be.

Don't feel sorry or bad for me, because I can't miss what I never had! =)

IndyGo is my Daddy, and my Fur-Mum is a Purebred Great Dane. Aunt Ryvver is fun to torment, but she loves me too! My big Brothers Zombie and Zorro are GIANTs...I hope someday I can be big and strong like them!

Dead Pool (Da'Pool)'s Puppy Pad

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