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Millie's Bio

joined 3/5/2010

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Greyhound Mix
Millie the Black White & Silver Female Greyhound Mix / Stands 28 inches tall / Weighs 50 lbs / Born 6/1/2003 in UK / Lives with michdwy in Shipley Yorkshire (United Kingdom)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Lively, good with other dogs, likes people,teases me a lot
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
hunting, more way of life than a hobby
Favorite Food
any meat, preferably titbits from me after meals
Favorite Treat
as above
Favorite Trick
Juggling with a golf ball, found in the rough beside the fairways
Favorite Place To Sleep
on my bed
Favorite Place To Play
on golf fairways
Favorite Place To Walk
woods and open country
Teasing the owner, coming when called, then veering off.
being tethered in the garden. As we share drive with neighbours who drive in and out I have to fasten her sometimes.
Millie's Story & Details
Millie is a lurcher, a greyhound, most likely crossed with a border collie. I got her when she was about two years old (the above birthdate is approx.) I think she had been used as a coursing or lamping dog. She is a very muscular fast dog. Racing greyhound owners have suggested she could have been used for that sport, having all the characteristics.

She was abandoned, left tied to the gate of an abattoir about a year old, and was used as a guard dog for some time. She was then taken over by the owner of a large estate, with forest, moor and farmland. She was free to roam, ideal for a hunting dog, but terrible for a future owner. She went back to the house for food when she liked, and was fed on table scraps, and was rarely walked by the owners. Because of their family problems, I was asked to take her about four years ago. As I had already another lurcher, but the sight hound poprtion was a whippet, not a greyhound, I thought they would be ideal companions. This was true, but unfortunately this encouraged both dogs to hunt. Both were especially proficient at catching hares. I do not like them to kill and in any case hunting with dogs is now illegal in the UK. Tigger, my whippet based lurcher died last year, but she was 18 years old and fit until the day she died, when she had two strokes. I had in the meantime also acquired Boo, the Pug Zu, who is also registered with you. Millie and Boo continue to be my companions and we walk daily several times on the moors, just outside my house. We have to cross a golf course, where both dogs run free, but unfortunately despite trying repeatedly to allow Millie freedom wherever we walk, I have never been able to curb her natural innate (but illegal) urge to hunt, so in the hare territory, I am obliged to put her on a long leash.

Millie's Puppy Pad

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