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Arni's Bio

joined 4/5/2010

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Arni the Black Male Weimarrott / Stands 26 inches tall / Weighs 80 lbs / Born 3/13/2009 in Essex U.K. / Lives with Barrry in Essex (United Kingdom)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Excellent. Good with kids. Easily trainable. Good on walks. Very good recall.
Favorite Toy
Old t-shirt with 2 knots in to play tugger with.
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Anything for humans.
Favorite Treat
Cheese. Saved as a high value treat to train new behaviours.
Favorite Trick
Touch. Becaue of his size I didnt want him doing paw and pawing at everyone he meets. Personally i find it annoying when dogs do that.
Favorite Place To Sleep
Under the bed at night and on the sofa during the day.
Favorite Place To Play
In the woods.
Favorite Place To Walk
In the woods.
Chasing Rabbits and dreaming of chasing Rabbits. He doesn't stand a chance in catching one though.
Raw carrots, likes them stewed though.
Arni's Story & Details
We've had him since he was 15 weeks and have moulded him into exactly the dog we wanted. I've read all of cesar Milans books to give me an understanding of behaviour and it has paid dividends. I've also read training books and believe clicker/marker training to be the fastest way to set a new behaviour. I dont agree with purely positive trainiung methods as in some cases they need to know whats wrong as well as right.

He hasn't fully matured yet being only 13 months nd I think he'll probably add at least another 15lbs in the next 5 months but I cant see his personality changing.

Without Arni I would be a complete sofa bore but with him I spend at least 1 hour a day walking in the countryside. He's the best, I wouldn't swap him for any other dog. this is arni having a sniff around at the farmers feilds. this is arni doing some home training, he hits the chair at 2.00mins and takes it as a correction which stops him from playing the dominance based game of tug. He didnt hurt his foot as I thought when it was filmed. Check out my other vids for more on arni.

Arni's Puppy Pad

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