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Sunshine (Sunny)'s Bio

joined 6/3/2010

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Sunshine (Sunny)
Sunshine (Sunny) the Black & White Male ShiChi / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 9 lbs / Born 6/26/2009 in Carlsbad / Lives with Kelidimari in Carlsbad, NM (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Sunny (because of his sunny disposition and because he is the sunshine in my life.)
Came From
Cheerful, curious, happy, protective but not yappy, very playful, extremely sweet, gets along with cats and apparently with baby chickens too.
Favorite Toy
Chewy rope and tennis balls.
Favorite Hobby
Looking at rabbits in the yard.
Favorite Food
Duckmeat treats from petstore.
Favorite Treat
Peanut butter.
Favorite Trick
Shake paw.
Favorite Place To Sleep
In my lap or in a circular dent that he makes in my blankets.
Favorite Place To Play
Yard or parks.
Favorite Place To Walk
Back of the couch (on top of the couch).
Tummy rubs and playing with the tugging rope, and also fetching.
Having to stay still. Hates vet because of shots and neutering. :(
Sunshine (Sunny)'s Story & Details
I did not intentionally pick a dog. I did not want a dog at this point in my life, because I did not think I had the time or energy. But, then I found that a breeder was trying to get rid of an entire litter of dogs, because the dogs were not "purebred"--the breeder sold "teacup chihuahuas" and "shih-tzu" but the litter they recently got was an "accident" and the breeder wanted her shih-tzu to have more babies, so she did not let the puppies stay with the mother, and instead was selling most of them off at 3-4 weeks old, and suggesting people buy powdered milk mixes. :( The breeder then ditched the rest of the litter off at the local animal shelter when they didn't sell.

This is where I found my puppy. He was the runt of the group and was not doing well. They actually put him on a different doggy mommy because he was too small to compete with his brothers and sisters for milk. He did ok with the other litter because he was big enough to get milk.

Some of his brothers and sisters were adopted by my friends.

I took the runt because I knew that without reasonable financial backing, the little tiny puppy was probably just going to die in there. I didn't know how I would make time or what the heck to do, because I work full time and am also taking about a 10 credit hour course-load per term, and it's nuts....but I knew that somehow, I had to make time for him. So, raising this one was a struggle. First pet that wasn't a goldfish. It was nuts. I was so scared I would do something wrong...but I read up as much as I could on him, and I really did do my best, and went wherever it took to make sure he is ok. He has weak lungs and wheezes, but he's the sweetest thing ever.

I'm so very very very glad I have this puppy. I cannot imagine life without him now that I have him.

I did not expect to get a pet. I did not believe I had time for one...but let me tell you something... Puppy = Love ....Puppies are awesome. That happy fuzzy tail-wagging little dude is one of the best things that came into my life, and even when I'm crying or so tired I can't figure out if I want to take my shoes off or go lay on the couch first and deal with shoes later...he's there and he is happy. He's always there to make it better, and he asks for so little in return.

I would not trade him for anything.

I don't care that he's a mutt. I'm GLAD that he's a mutt! He's the most wonderful, loving, sweet dog, and he's worth his weight in diamonds! I'm glad he has hybrid vigor, and may he live forever and ever.

Sunshine (Sunny)'s Puppy Pad

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