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Blitzen's Bio

joined 6/9/2010

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Chow Hound
Blitzen the Brown & Rust Male Chow Hound / Stands 17 inches tall / Weighs 38 lbs / Born 10/24/2009 in Palmdale, CA? / Lives with hellosunshyine in Santa Clarita, CA (United States)


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Came From
lazy, loving, funny
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rope toy
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Blitzen's Story & Details
Blizten, aka Bubbaz, was my destiny. It was a few days before Christmas when I found the sweetest germen shepard at my local pound, however he was a stray and very sick so they told me to come back on Monday, I did and Rover(thats what i named him) was no where to be found, after 3hours, I was told they put him down. I was so upset but I knew he would want me to save a life, even if he had lost his. About a week later on December 21st, I was with my older sister and my mom just about to walk into the pound. The people at the pound knew me by name and what I was looking for I had been there so many times, but before we could make it through the door my sister and I saw two young girls about to give away two puppies. Once we told them we thought they were cute they begged us to take them. We did after a lot of convincing the parents, my dad said "Merry Christmas" and we were able to keep them. Blizten, and Hazel(my sisters dog) had been abused, but Blizten much more severe. He had a deep cut on his nose, was so skinny he could not stand, and very dehydrated. The girls told us they found them in the desert in Palmdale, CA. We took Blitzen to the vet, and he was given medications. Since then, he has become a great dog. I love him so much, he still has training we are working on with strangers, but we have progressed so much and I am pleased to say, for the first time in having him, on June 4, 2010, He came up to a friend I had over and let her pet him.

Blitzen's Puppy Pad

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