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Charlie Moo's Bio

joined 9/30/2010

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Charlie Moo
Charlie Moo the Black & White Female Chiweenie / Stands Under 5 inches tall / Weighs 3 lbs / Born 8/9/2010 in Bedford Indiana / Lives with CharlieMoo in Bloomington , IN (United States)


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Charlie or Charlie Moo
Came From
Very lovable, friendly, sweet, cuddly
Favorite Toy
Duck or bunny
Favorite Hobby
sleeping and playing
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
bacon beggin strips
Favorite Trick
lay down
Favorite Place To Sleep
in mommy and daddys bed
Favorite Place To Play
on the floor with my ducky
Favorite Place To Walk
out in the front yard
everything, especially wrestling with mommy
being left at home alone :(
Charlie Moo's Story & Details
I received Charlie Moo as a present from my boyfriend. We had been discussing getting a dog, and one sunday I was looking through the pet ads in the paper when I saw the ad for Chiweenies. They were for sale for the cheapest price I had ever seen and I mentioned it to my boyfriend and we didnt really discuss anything about getting a dog. Then Monday night after I had gotten off work, he called me and asked me to come to his work. When I arrived he had Charlie Moo waiting for me. I was so surprised! She is 8 weeks old, and is white with black spots. My son says she looks like a little dalmation, and my daughter says she looks like a cow. Charlie is my new baby, she sleeps with me and cries for me when she cant find me.

Charlie Moo's Puppy Pad

Congratulation on Your new chiweenie Baby. We have found with our Chiweenie and our friends Chiweenies,They will bond stronger with you then a pure chihuahua and just about any other toy breed. Chiweenies come in all colors and sizes. from solid to party to tri colored. Our friend has a white with black like Yours,too. Ours is the smallest,full grown chiweenie I have seen so far. Most seem to grow to be around 10 lbs. Our nina is actually classified as a Miniature chiweenie. I am sure You will enjoy many happy,love filled years with your Chiweenie baby. Post pictures of her soon,please. We can't wait to see those blue eyes! ~Laura and Nina-Burger~
by sekretdezires on 11/19/2010 at 6:03 AM

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