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joined 10/19/2010

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CHOPPER the Gold & White Male Goberian / Stands 25 inches tall / Weighs 75 lbs / Born 1/20/2010 in Birmingham England / Lives with Chopper in rugby (United Kingdom)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Bouncy - Loverble - Attention seaker
Favorite Toy
Squeeky soft teddy
Favorite Hobby
looking for food
Favorite Food
james wellbeloved
Favorite Treat
carrots - sausages
Favorite Trick
closing the door when we say we are cold
Favorite Place To Sleep
On our bed
Favorite Place To Play
At the park with all his doggy mates
Favorite Place To Walk
Down the nature trail
Running - play fighting with his best mate Claronce a huge old english sheep dog
Fish - being left alone
CHOPPER's Story & Details
We rescued Chopper from a family in Birmingham at the age of 4 months old (now 9 months) they were mistreating him, he was very scared and sick when we got him and it took us a few months to get him better but now he has very bad seperation anxiety problems.

He loves swimming and running and loves to play in the park with all his mates where he can play with up to 12-15 dogs every night, its so good to watch.

He is very handsome and its very hard to walk past anybody in the street or park without them stopping to stroke him and say how beautiful he is.

He is loyal and friendly and gets on with all other dogs and is always nice to humans, basically Chopper is the perfect little big puppy lol.

CHOPPER's Puppy Pad

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