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Dixie Bell's Bio

joined 1/20/2011

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Dixie Bell
Dixie Bell the White & Cream Female Chizer / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 8 lbs / Born 6/27/2010 in Maryville, TN. / Lives with TNsuzie in Maryville, TN (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Baby Doll, Sweetie Pie, Sugar
Came From
Sweet, Loving, Smart, Determined , Proud
Favorite Toy
A stuffed Green Worm and bunches of Beanie Babies & Pal's. She does not want to share any of her toys with anyone!
Favorite Hobby
Chasing our 2 cat's, Sophie & Spunky....running throughout the house at a high speed and jumping.
Favorite Food
Iams dog food
Favorite Treat
Sweet Potato's
Favorite Trick
Hmmm, stnading up and walking a few steps...usually when she is in a bocing match with the cat's.
Favorite Place To Sleep
Loves sleeping in our lap or right beside us in bed.
Favorite Place To Play
In front of the TV, she has her own blanket and toys just where she wants them.
Favorite Place To Walk
Hmmm, she never walks hardly, she is mostly running at full speed.
Loves to have her little belly rubbed and her ears scratched.
Outside....her bath and definitely the hair dryer.
Dixie Bell's Story & Details
After losing our special dog, Jessie a year ago...we didn't want to ever go through that again, espcially me. But, My Hubby had a friend that couldn't keep Dixie anymore and was wanting to someone to take her that she knew. At first, I said NO, but he brought her home around Christmas and it's been a love affair since that day. She is the most adorable , sweetest dog that I have ever been around. She loves everyone....No One is a stranger to her. She wants to kiss everyone she meets.....loves little children. One thing that is so adorable about her is that she has so many toys and will not let anyone, let it be man, child or any other pet get any of her toys....stingy little bugger. She is also jealous if My Hubby & I hug or kiss, she wants to be right there in the middle. We couldn't love or adore her more than we already do. She has made life so much more happier for us.

Dixie Bell's Puppy Pad

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