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Rosco's Bio

joined 10/28/2008

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Rosco the Cream Male Pomapoo / Stands 15 inches tall / Weighs 15 lbs / Born 2/19/2008 in Hawkinsville, GA / Lives with MrsTyrer in Americus, GA (United States)


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Roscerooney, Mr. Rooney, Puppers, Pupperdoodle, PupPup, Kiddo
Came From
WONDERFUL! VERY affection and LOVES to snuggle and play!
Favorite Toy
a stuffed dog that was bigger than he was when we first got him! it used to be his "sibling," now it's his "girlfriend"
Favorite Hobby
going outside, playing ball, snuggling
Favorite Food
anything that we're eating and he thinks he's entitled to (but RARELY ever gets!) Usually eats Beneful Puppy Chow
Favorite Treat
milkbones and his "people food"-flavored doggie treats
Favorite Trick
he loves showing off how well he can sit, stand up and "dance" on his hind legs, speak on command, and catch his ball mid-air
Favorite Place To Sleep
curled up next to his mommy or daddy, in a basket of clean clothes fresh out of the dryer and still warm, in my lap!
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
baths and other animals
Rosco's Story & Details
A friend's dog and mother's dog created this adorable litter of "accidental" designer puppies that I instantly fell in love with. I emailed my husband pictures, expecting him to say NO right away, but he completely surprised me and agreed that we could "go look." He fell in love with the fluffiest of the 6 little boys and the rest is history! Rosco is our first child, and we dote on him 24/7 and couldn't be happier! We are definitely blessed to have such a wonderful dog in our lived!

Rosco's Puppy Pad

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