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Louie's Bio

joined 7/17/2011

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Boglen Terrier
Louie the Black Brindle & White Male Boglen Terrier / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 5 lbs / Born 5/8/2011 in Indiana / Lives with LindaLou62 in Shelbyville, KY (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Louis, Louie Lou, Louie Doggie, Lou Dog
Came From
likes to be the center of attention, a little snippy, loves his belly rubbed and to play tug of war with his pull toy
Favorite Toy
Lambchop stuffed dog toy
Favorite Hobby
running in the grass
Favorite Food
loves chicken and rice eats all natural dog food. No table food treats, he is too young.
Favorite Treat
milk bone mini's
Favorite Trick
can sit up for a treat
Favorite Place To Sleep
his bed with his lambchop
Favorite Place To Play
the backyard
Favorite Place To Walk
around the house property outside
being ignored or alone
Louie's Story & Details
My daughter's friend from Indiana's mom's dog had pups, the mom died at birth, she had 6 male pups, bottle fed them all, I took Louie at 6 weeks old,my daughter and I, met Tammy the breeder in a parking lot in Louisville, KY. I fell in love at first sight, he is so wonderful, smart, knows when he is wrong, still has some issues with housebreaking, must keep a constant eye on him or he will urinate on the floor, he does cry when he wants to go outside to play or do his poop and pee. Once in a while, he will have an accident. Overall, he is a great little puppy. We are so happy to have a new baby in the house!

Louie's Puppy Pad

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